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Australian living is all about enjoying outdoor spaces. Entertaining guests during the summer months means having a modern and aesthetically pleasing space but don’t forget functionality. When panning your new or improved outdoor living space have a think about these key considerations.

Living space flow

Think about the flow of movement through your home and how the indoor and outdoor spaces connect and flow into each other. If your interior has traditional or modern design features consider a decking or pergola design that reflects these elements. This will create a seamless look and feel as you and your guests enjoy these spaces in your home.


Particularly if you are having raised decking or a balcony think about the new view that you may have. Screens, creative landscaping and outdoor blinds can create additional privacy and sound barriers.

All weather shelter

Having a beautiful deck may be functional in the summer months but they can also be a place to enjoy in cooler months too. Consider a pergola and roofing to not only ensure enjoyment of your space in a multitude of weather conditions, but also to assist in the protection and care of your new outdoor asset.

Pimp it

Now that you have a beautiful and function new space to enjoy with your family and friends, think about the accessories that you can add to make it even more impressive. Televisions, heating, lightings, fans and furniture are just a few considerations.

Want some inspiration?

Check out these cool decking and pergola ideas and talk to Worner Building & Construction about how we can create your ideal outdoor living space.

Email Chris Worner for more advice and consultation

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